JailbreakStats or JBStats is a mobile web application to check jailbreak status of your iOS firmware and device.

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People's Opinion

"I like JailbreakStatus because of its simplicity." - CultOfMac

"The app itself is delightful. It's simple, accurate, and isn't too bad on the eyes either." - iDownloadBlog

"JailbreakStats is a simple web app that aims to clear things up and tell you exactly what you need to know." - LifeHacker

How To Use?

The aim of this web application is to check whether your iOS firmware and device are compatible with recent up-to-date jailbreak. On top of that you can check Apple TV jailbreak status.

All you need to do is by choosing the selection of your choice on the navigation bar at the top. It will bring you to the specific page.

For example if you want to check the jailbreak status for iOS, choose iOS. Simple right?

Tutorials Page

Once you know your device is ready for the awesome jailbreaking experience, you probably be wondering how to jailbreak your device? Don't worry, I have given the permission from the famous website which covers everything about the inside out in the world of iOS, iDownloadBlog, to have their tutorials page on JailbreakStats.

Thanks @iDownloadBlog!